Ahmed AbouZaid
Ahmed AbouZaid

Tech Lead DevOps Engineer

Hi 👋

My name is Ahmed AbouZaid; I’m a passionate Cloud-Native Engineer! ☁️

🤓 Overview

With 16+ years of open-source contribution, 12+ years of professional hands-on experience in DevOps, and an M.Sc. in Data Engineering from Edinburgh Napier University (UK), I enjoy facilitating the growth of both businesses and individuals.

I specialize in Cloud-Native and Kubernetes. I’m also a Free/Open source geek and book author. My favorite topics are DevOps transformation, automation, data, and metrics.

🧐 More about me

🛠️ Main toolkit
Amazon Web Services - AWS Google Cloud Platform - GCP Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift Digital Ocean
Kubernetes Helm Kustomize Argo CD Crossplane Docker Go Python
Prometheus Vault HashiCorp Terraform Ansible Jenkins GitHub Actions Bash Linux
📫 Contact me

For tech consultancy or any other matter, feel free to reach out.
I will get back to you as soon as possible 👨‍💻